I Heart New York

As of around 3 pm Sunday, June 30th, I finally became a resident of the Great City of New York (*Insert triumphant fireworks here*).  I've lived in the area for nearly 8 years, and between college, graduate school, and living in Hoboken just across the Hudson, I've spent a lot of time in New York and I've grown to love it more and more since the first day I set foot on the bustling streets of Manhattan. I've always thought about living in New York (henceforth "The City", that's what everyone outside of it calls it anyway), and I thought moving to Hoboken would be an easy fix. I could live within a 10 minute train ride to many subway lines, and be anywhere in less than an hour.


For a while, it worked. I drove to work everyday and then hung out in the city on my down time, enjoying the fact that I could head home to the "City-Lite" version in Hoboken. After switching jobs in February of 2012, I then commuted into The City everyday, and living over a mile from the PATH station, and then working another 3/4 miles from the station in The City, the walk very quickly got to me and my shoes. As my friend group grew and other friends moved into The City, I was spending more time there than I was in my apartment. On the weekends we'd go to dinner and I begrudgingly drag myself home as everyone else hopped in cabs or walked the 8 blocks to their apartment.  Basically, I began to resent my humble abode in Hoboken and made the tough decision to split up with my roommate of 4 years (tear) and head to the big city.

I've now found myself living in an apartment with 3 gay guys and 1 straight guy and it's sure to be hilarious (Andy Cohen, if you're listening, we're all in to film a pilot for a new show...) in Hell's Kitchen, just outside of Columbus Circle. We've got a fairly large apartment and access to a roofdeck. It should be grand.

I am really excited for how this new location will open doors to new experiences, new friends, and a new chapter. Hooray!