Who is she? (and what is she doing here?)


I see you’ve found your way to this site. My name is Brianna and I am currently the Global Email Manager at Global Citizen, and international advocacy organization. Before Global Citizen, I spent 4 years at General Assembly running email. I joined when it was very much a wild west startup and left right after it got acquired so I feel like I really saw the full circle of a modern tech company (especially when it comes to the email program).

So what are we doing here?

When I started at Global Citizen the email program was fine. It served it’s purpose and got the job done, but the templates were outdated, the send scheduled was extremely hodge-podge, and in some markets, the metrics were not great (and no one seemed to know or care). I came in thinking I could tackle everything right away, but it turns out, running two festivals in the latter part of the year is quite time consuming. So when we returned back to the office in January after a wild festival in South Africa, I hit the ground running.

I mapped out all the things I wanted to do and turned to Google to look for advice and tips and I found …. nothing. Most of what I found was super market-y sites written by CRM software companies or blogs the have one million pop-ups and ads. There was some information on there, but there isn’t really a place to go for what to do when you’re taking a massive email program in to the modern era.

Over the next (unsure how many) entries I hope to provide some guidance for other email marketers or entrepreneurs on how build out an email program or some intel on problems they might be having with their email programs.

Stay tuned for more!